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Hotel Inspiration

Your Hosts and Their Vision for the Culture of Hotel Inspiration

"Transatlantic relationship ... now it gets serious!"

That quote was from a newspaper headline in 2005 when then California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, came to Bavaria to meet with then Governor of Bavaria, Edmund Stoiber. The relationship was strong and getting stronger. That same time (2005) another Californian came to Bavaria and suddenly Glaudia from Bavaria and me (Kehrt) from California gave our "yes" to one another and witnessed a much more important (at least from our perspective) "transatlantic relationship" become a reality!

Our Hotel Inspiration culture is in some important ways a combination of these two cultural inspirational Paradises. In certain ways it reflects our own always developing family cultural life lived with our four children who are also both very much Bavarian and Californian like their parents.

Glaudia and I like to describe our life goal pursuit as the pursuit of true fulfillment ... in whatever form it comes from Heaven or from Earth in each season of life. Our Professional pursuit of true fulfillment shines through in the form of our most important foundational offering to you as our guest: "inspired rest".

Inspiring rest is what we mean by Hotel Inspiration. Come enjoy the many inspiring "fruits" of our labor in preparing for our Guests a chance to experience their own "inspired rest" ... even if it's just for one night.

Come visit a wonderfully designed Hotel from the creative minds of Glaudia (Interior Designer) and her parents, master builders Hans and Johanna Häuslschmid. See for yourself how Glaudia and I are still today creating our own "Transatlantic" mixture of cultures on top of that original wonderful foundation literally and figuratively built by Glaudia's parents in 2009.



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  Our Business clients appreciate our modern approach to "inspired rest" that includes meeting their uniquely modern Business needs in a Land where often older "Gasthäuser" ... some with hundreds of years of tradition ... are normally the only options for Business travellers. Our focus is primarily on meeting the demanding needs of our Business clients and our consistent good to excellent reviews show we are truly surpassing the expectations of a 3 Star Hotel in our part of Bavaria.

We aim to bring together the best of both "worlds" of Bavarian and California culture providing a fresh inspiration to feel more rested and ready for your next day of business or pleasure in our area. That winning combination, already at work between Schwarzenegger and Stoiber back in 2005, continues today as well through us and our unique vision for Hotel Inspiration, "Transatlantic relationship ... now it gets serious!"

We are excited to share our House with you and to help you enjoy the most "inspired rest" you have ever had at a Hotel!

The Chestnut Family and our Team



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